Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Seans Rare Pre Punk & Early Punk Mix

i put this together few weeks ago put some pretty rare stuff on this have a listen let us know what you think

Seans Rare Pre Punk & Early Punk Mix

01 The Killers - Killer
02 Gumbo - We Dont Care
03 Despair - Sweet Sweet Heart
04 The Physicals - Breakdown On Stage
05 Sham 69 - Borstal Breakout
06 Max Lazer - Street Queen
07 Cock Sparrer- Chip on my Shoulder
08 Iron Virgin - Rebels Rule
08 The Runaways - School Days
09 Larry Wallis - Police Car
10 Bilbo Baggins - Saturday Night
11 Maniacs - Chelsea 77
12 The Equals - She Lives For Today
13 Slaughter & The Dogs - Dame To Blame
14 Scuff - Get Out Of My Way
15 Menace - Live For Today
16 Hector - Wired Up
17 The Models - Man Of The Year
18 Slade - See Us Here
19 The Faces - Borstal Boy
20 Flirt - De Generator

download here



i had to put this up its wicked video of early Eddie and the Hot Rods with Lew Lewis on harmonica he recorded 2 singles with them and a demo i think, for more on lew lewis hes got a album of hes own called "Save The Wall" ill try to get it uploaded later in the week

ive uploaded eddie and the hot rods - doing anything they wanna do album which has the early demos and singles on it good stuff download below