Sunday, 30 November 2008

The Pirates

Once the backing band of Johnny Kidd back in the 60's Johnny Spence, Mick Green and Frank Faley decided to reform as a R&R /R&B 3 piece knocking out loud enegetic, loud, fast numbers at the hight of punk in the late 70s.

Mick Greens unique rhyham and lead at the same time guitar playing when on to inspire such players as Wilko Johnson and many others.

couple songs to download

Saturday, 1 November 2008

VA - Novi Punk Val

Now this is a seriously good compilation album of all the early Punk and New Wave bands of The Former Yugoslavia released in 1980 its covers the scene from 1978-1980 featuring some great bands like Pekinska Patka, Pankrti, Paraf, Indust Bag etc, It was released on the ZKP RTLJ label which was a major label in the country doing re-releeses of Bruce Springsteen to The Jam at the time.

Paraf Above

This album is hard to come by last week a orginal first print i saw it on ebay and it when for about 100 quid.

Pekinska Patka recently reformed for the Exit Festival in Serbia and they stand out as long term heroes over there.

Pekinska Patka Above

So enjoy this album ive uploaded the album as a rar/zip file.

Friday, 31 October 2008

The Severed Alliance

ok first off i fought i'd throw in some words about this band and a review i did for them few months back for the Diamonds Demos they did.

Me and my band did a few gigs with them and we have seen them grow and become a really powerful band, First of I saw them as a 3 piece at the Cardigan Arms, my band supported and i could see potenial but once they got there second guitarist, we played a house party gig at there drummer Pete's House and they became this power house of a band with really tight sets and duel vocals well heres the review anyway.

Diamonds Demos fuck knows where the name came from but anyways the first track sarah the stalker is a maybe not a song i would of would put as the first track on the Demo, but it has has good example of the double guitar work with the arrival of the severed alliances second guitarist.

Second song on the demo is ode to old street. BY FAR for me the highlight of the Demo. Amazing song this one just got everything you want from a song, good building up verses with an explosive strong chorus, very buzzcocksish with a new twist.

Bang in with sexy rich and fashion tips. The third song which is a song the lads have been doing for a long time, and its bit of a TSA anthem among the bands following.

Dier Things is the fourth song on the demo. At the begining sounded like i had herd it before possible when we had played with them but then i noticed two guitars and its had a bit of work on it and revamped.

And the final song is somebody which is definality the avant-garde-ish song of the record, got a feel of post punk and skaish elements mixed.

Overall i give the ep 70 out of 100

you can find more about them on their myspage page

I've uploaded Ode To Old Street which is my favorite song off the Demo hope they dont mind hehe :P

Seany Dangerous

The Saints - This Perfect Day 7"

Quite possibility the first punk band coming all the way from Brisbane, Australia they merge a loud overdriven guitar sound which was played though a P.A system cranked really high with lyrics sung really hard drums and bass keeping it all just together, something really special

some footage just below

In 1977 with there I'm Stranded single becoming such a hit in the UK the band decided to relocate in London and sign to EMI who wanted to protray The Saints as a strerotypical punk band with rippped jeans and safety pins but the band kept to there roots and rejected that.

Anyway ive attached a early single for your to enjoy.

Seany Dangerous

Thursday, 30 October 2008

The Models - Freeze/ Man Of The Year 7"

I found this band from pure boredom and really enjoyed there sound, its real kinda 77 punk but in a tidy and skillful way, the whole production i love on the single Freeze/ Man Of The Year, it was there only release, i got the recordings from there Peel session also but they suffer in qaulity so enjoy some overdriven classic punk riffs :P

Seany Dangerous

Jesse Hector

Hey first post, i fought upload a few Jesse Hector tracks for everyone who likes fuzz driven guitar passion and pure soul and heart in the lyrics with a banging beat.

Jesse Hector gained fame with The Hammersmith Gorillas who were a fixture on the London pub circuit. Roger Armstrong recalled their unforgettable live act: "This was rock and roll as she is spoken, yelled, ranted, torn apart and not quite put back together again." Another single, "Gatecrasher" b/w "Gorilla Stomp" and a show stealing set at the 1976 European punk festival in Mont DeMarsan, France, put the Gorillas squarely on the map., earlier in hes career he was in Crushed Butler, Helter Sketer playing Mod to Glam later on in hes career he formed The Sound, The Gatecrashers.

Seany Dangerous