Friday, 26 June 2009

GG Allin & The MC2 (aka The Motor City Bad Boys)

If your a follower of GG's work your fucking love this! i compiled all 3 tracks they recorded.

GG Allin & The MC2 a.k.a. the MotorCity Badboys) were Wayne Kramer and Dennis Thompson of MC5. They backed up GG Allin on the 1981 single Gimme Some Head/Dead Or Alive/Occupation.

GG Allin - Vocals

Wayne Kramer - Guitar

Rob Basso - Rhythm Guitar

Johnny Fortin - Rhythm Guitar

Alan Chapple - Bass

Dennis "Machine Gun" Thompson -Drums

Friday, 5 June 2009

The Severed Alliance New EP 2009

Ok wicked just got the new Severed Alliance E.P and i've heard all there E.Ps now and they just get stronger and stronger each time, Now if we look at the development of the band they have had a duel guitarists on the last E.P so now they been albe
to learn how each other tick and get that really shelley/diggle style combo.

This is Your Knife

Proper knocks in with a catchy riff and throws it all together into one nice jiggly jaggly punk song with loads of little
clever contemporary stops and starts.


Nice build up song with flowing in and out of guitar sounds bass and guitar holding it all together

Hero No More

This Song reminds me of something but i cant think of it, its got a real post punk feel to it, nice piece of drumming on
this track, the verse is a build to a really expolsive chorus.

Snort Britain

Dunno if this song is about a nation of cokeheads or not haha but this kinda captures the roots of the band done in
in a new way

overall i would say this is a only a 4 track e.p but QUALITY OVER QUANTITY! its been mixed so well with some really powerful songs the band are really at a point with this!

You can Download the E.P for free from there myspace