Sunday, 30 November 2008

The Pirates

Once the backing band of Johnny Kidd back in the 60's Johnny Spence, Mick Green and Frank Faley decided to reform as a R&R /R&B 3 piece knocking out loud enegetic, loud, fast numbers at the hight of punk in the late 70s.

Mick Greens unique rhyham and lead at the same time guitar playing when on to inspire such players as Wilko Johnson and many others.

couple songs to download

Saturday, 1 November 2008

VA - Novi Punk Val

Now this is a seriously good compilation album of all the early Punk and New Wave bands of The Former Yugoslavia released in 1980 its covers the scene from 1978-1980 featuring some great bands like Pekinska Patka, Pankrti, Paraf, Indust Bag etc, It was released on the ZKP RTLJ label which was a major label in the country doing re-releeses of Bruce Springsteen to The Jam at the time.

Paraf Above

This album is hard to come by last week a orginal first print i saw it on ebay and it when for about 100 quid.

Pekinska Patka recently reformed for the Exit Festival in Serbia and they stand out as long term heroes over there.

Pekinska Patka Above

So enjoy this album ive uploaded the album as a rar/zip file.